Serving heroes

For Magirus, one of the world's leading manufacturers of firefighting vehicles and firefighting technology, we launched Serving Heroes, a new international, emotional brand identity and, at the same time, a new era.. With new positioning, a new claim and target-group-oriented communication via new channels, Magirus succeeded in transforming itself from a technology supplier to an ally of fire departments, thus achieving a turnaround in difficult times.

Magirus focuses on firefighters as humble everyday heroes and gives them recognition and support. This attitude is expressed in the newly developed claim: "Magirus: Serving Heroes. Since 1864".



"After all, I'm not going to trust my life to someone who has never risked his."

"If you've never experienced 1100-degree heat, you have no idea how we roll."

"How can someone build a perfect pump if they've never operated one?"

Technology supplier as partner to firefighters

The visually powerful, emotional online and offline communication is now aimed at firefighters and the company's own employees. The campaign and the complex international brand portal we developed underscore the idea of partnership between firefighters and Magirus employees and subtly give them recognition.

Support and appreciation for everyday heroes

To ensure that the claim "Serving Heroes" did not remain just an empty slogan, we developed a community for the firefighters, which was later transferred to the in-house fire portal and Facebook presence. This created a platform where firefighters could exchange ideas and get advice. With the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award, we created a stage where the best firefighting team of the year is honored at awards evenings full of unforgettable impressions. Organized by us every year, the "Oscar of the fire department" has an international jury, public online voting and participants, and is accompanied by great media interest - from BILD and Welt to reports on SWR and Sat1.

Conrad Dietrich

Magirus Award

Sustainable success: Attitude pays off

Thanks to all these measures, Magirus' image and reputation among fire departments, local authorities, associations and the press has improved significantly. Employees are also proud of their brand again, and firefighters appreciate the respect they receive. The gain in trust led to a sharp rise in orders for Magirus, and we and the marketing team were rewarded with the GWA Profi (B2B Effie) and the DMV Regional Award. 

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