We support you in developing business-oriented sustainability strategies and innovative sustainable processes, business models and products, anchoring sustainability effectively in your company over the long term and achieving market success through creative communication. Together with you and our other clients, we help to accelerate the transformation to a more sustainable economy and society.

Legal regulations create pressure to take action

Legal reporting obligations on sustainability are intensifying - from the new EU directive on corporate sustainability reporting and the new Supply Chain Sustainability Act to the EmpCO and other planned regulations such as the Green Claims Regulation.

The companies affected face numerous challenges: In order to meet the regulatory requirements, they must develop a sustainability strategy, install complex performance measurement systems and avoid green washing in their communications. The complexities of ESG legislation affect numerous topics, including environmental issues such as CO2 emissions and resource efficiency, social issues such as diversity and gender equality, and governance issues such as business ethics and corruption.

Discovering opportunities for economic success in sustainability

However, these bureaucratic reporting obligations do not yet create a transformation of our economy and society. However, companies that not only meet the legal requirements but also make the sustainability strategy an inherent part of their business strategy can win over sustainability-oriented stakeholders such as talent, investors and customers and tap into new market and customer segments.  

Optimized processes can reduce costs and thus compensate for the bureaucratic regulatory burden.

We support and accompany you holistically throughout this complex and demanding process. 

Why Waechter?

Sustainability communication was already a concern for us when hardly anyone had the topic on their radar. We see sustainability first and foremost as an opportunity for economic success. That's why we look at sustainability from a business perspective and contribute our creative ideas to the process and communication.

Our team also brings a wide range of expertise to the table - whether from HR, organizational development, psychology, creativity methods, strategy or science. These complement our experience in communication, brand development and numerous transformation projects.

Proven collaborations with specialists round off our portfolio of solutions, as does our global orientation through the Worldwide Partners Network.

What's the point?

As creative trusted advisors, we work with you to develop economically successful sustainability strategies. We anchor sustainability in brand identity and organization, using a transformation process combining sustainability, customer centricity, and digitalization.

With our change approach, we overcome internal barriers and involve key stakeholders in the overall process. Ideas developed in Ideation Labs and well-structured innovation processes help in the transformation to a sustainable company and in the development of business-relevant sustainable business models.

We find a way through the maze of legal regulations and help you succeed with transparent and inspiring communication. Our holistic approach focuses on lean processes and efficiency, but above all on your business success and effectiveness.

Meeting legal reporting obligations

An honest status report can only be created at the end of this extensive process. This fulfills both an accountability and information function. It provides an overview of your company's sustainability efforts and supplements the annual financial statements by describing business performance and results, looking at future prospects and analyzing opportunities and risks.

We support you in the early planning of the publication with a focus on the annual financial statements and on the convincing communicative preparation of the collected information by ensuring that we inform the stakeholders successfully. We also help you to derive sustainability targets and measures for subsequent years.

The result can be a factual report or a creatively crafted communication tool that inspires and excites employees, customers and stakeholders alike.

Creative sustainability communication

As a company's sustainability efforts are also becoming increasingly important for talent, investors and customers, successful communication plays a key role. It mitigates reputational risks, informs and inspires and gets people excited about sustainable action. That's why we create formats that convey complex interrelationships clearly and create aha moments that leave a lasting impression. We design creative brand communication without greenwashing - as we have done for 40 years for many clients in the energy, construction, food, mobility, pharmaceutical and social organization sectors.

Nachhaltigkeit bei Wächter

Nachhaltigkeit bei Wächter


We prefer to offer the following services as a holistic process, but we also offer individual modules, always keeping your business goals in mind.  

We start the project with a joint workshop. We will work on the following topics:

  • Introduction: What criteria does sustainability include (Ecological+Social+Governance, SDG )
  • Legal requirements
  • Maturity level assessment
  • Sustainability process and strategy development
  • Project goals and KPIs
  • Responsibilities and roles in the teams involved
  • Collecting the stakeholder commitments
  • Project plan & roadmap
  • Budget presentation

The priority analysis examines which sustainability issues are most important for the company and where the greatest impact can be achieved. This answers the question of how sustainability aspects affect the company and what the company can influence. The strategy involves prioritizing goals and defining measurement criteria.

  • Status quo and ESG maturity analysis
  • Desk research
  • Benchmark studies
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Inside/out materiality analysis, dual materiality
  • Conflicting objectives, risk and opportunity assessment (SWOT, SVIDT)
  • Mission, Vision, Werte, realistische Ziele und Messkriterien
  • Hierarchy of objectives (SMART-ROI)
  • Integration of the strategy into the business and marketing strategy
  • Transformation roadmap

Corporate culture, attitude and corporate governance play a key role in the successful implementation of a sustainability strategy within a company. We support this process as coaches and moderators with inspiring moderation and clear communication of the complex topic in a way that is understandable for all target groups. We use interactive formats to involve the relevant stakeholders and thus ensure that the sustainability strategy and the associated attitude are firmly anchored within the company. In this way, we can take people with us and inspire them on the path to greater sustainability.

  • Participation in the analysis & strategy process
  • Workshops
  • Education incl. train the trainer
  • Moderation & coaching

In order to leverage the full business potential of the sustainability strategy, we initiate innovation processes, organize creative ideation labs and scenario workshops and provide targeted support in the implementation of innovation projects as part of cross-departmental activities. We work together with all those involved on the following topics:

  • Product and process improvements from a sustainability perspective
  • Development of new products and business areas
  • Specific sustainability projects
  • Suggestion scheme, idea clouds
  • Prototyping

We advise on the selection of certification and IT partnerships as well as on the selection and implementation of sustainability tools. In performance workshops, we clarify which data and key figures are required and what challenges are to be expected when collecting them. As part of performance management, we provide support on the following topics:

  • Definition of standards in accordance with European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) or Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Collection and analysis of data
  • Real-time data collection on greenhouse gas balance, synchronization/integration and preparation for regulatory purposes
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)
  • Greenhouse gas footprint
  • Climate protection and compensation
  • Data collection and compilation (supply chain, social, personnel and compliance data)
  • Certification according to DNK, common good balance sheet or B-Corp

Only if process optimizations, new business models or sustainable products are accompanied by transparent, credible and convincing communication can they develop their full potential and thus contribute to growth and business success. We do it for you:

  • Communication strategies including media and tool selection
  • Concept development for internal and external communication
  • Employer branding
  • Development of creative key ideas and campaigns
  • Crisis and risk communication